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Buckles and Belts

James Reid, Ltd. sterling silver belt buckles, gold belt buckles, silver and gold belt buckles and Western belt buckles may be available in more than one size or metal (sterling silver and/or 14kt or 18kt gold). Buckle sets may be purchased without tips or as buckles only (call or email). Buckle sets are priced separately from belts and may be mounted on a variety of leathers including American alligator, ostrich, teju lizard, American bison and European calf. Additional straps may be purchased with additional tips attached; buckles and keepers are held by snaps and can be readily changed.

Buckle warranty: "Forever or as long as we are in business, whichever comes first" covers defects in material or workmanship as well as functional integrity. If it breaks we will fix it without charge. Normal wear of surfaces is not covered but we will refinish buckles or buckle sets for a nominal charge of $55.