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How to measure your belt size

Note: our use of the term 'size' refers to the measurement of the belt taken from the middle of 5 holes and includes the amount added by the buckle to the belt's effective length.

To establish the size of your new belt you may use any of the following methods:

  • Measure a belt that you already have. Lay out the belt and measure the distance from the hole at which you wear it to where that hole will sit on the tongue or prong of the buckle when fastened. This establishes the optimum size and will be the middle hole of your new belt.
  • Or, if ordering by pant size, add two inches to pant size (which refers to waist measurement) to allow for the fact that the belt goes over clothing. Most commonly, a person who thinks of himself as a size 36 for trousers will be a size 38 in our belt.
  • Or, simply measure with a tailor's tape over the type of clothing you anticipate wearing (as if the tape were the belt). The measurement will be that of your new belt to the middle of five holes including the buckle.

If ordering a belt for a buckle you already have, remember to consider the 'throw' of the buckle--the amount that the buckle adds to the belt in effective length.